Support the Right-Wing Movement!

I support the efforts of private companies, conservatives who back up their facts with truth and sound reason and those who see what is happening around them and have an opinion. I would like to give a few shout-outs to certain people and figureheads......

My family, which continues to prow through these tough times with our own private company*.

Fox News - I like how you are always getting the facts 'fair and balanced'. I regularly watch O'Reilly, Greta van Sustren and I am currently following Glenn Beck's summer of liberty.

Tea Partiers - It is great to have an opinion, and one which you stand for! It is great that Americans are taking initiative and finding the truth. Go get em' in this next election!

Sarah Palin - Personally, I see you as a figurehead of the quote, "Power to the people". I see you as an everyday person, very relatable, yet you are someone who has taken yourself to new heights and once again, taken initiative, and doing what is right. Good people normally don't go into politics; but now, the timing is just right to do so. With the arrival of these hard times, a need for small government, and the BP oil spill, you will shoot up and become much more than what people currently think of you.

-- The people taking the time to read this blog, and are finding the facts themselves.

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