Monday, July 26, 2010

Different Times, Different Principles

Sorry I haven't been posting much... I am going into Junior year at high school and am taking AP US History, and I am doing summer work. One assignment involves reading the book What Hath God Wrought. In this, I have found that internal improvements were a HUGE debate in the past. In early America when there were no roads, not as many methods of transportation, and a small market, there was bartering and communal economies. The debates arose when canals and rivers began to be dredges, and highways build across the mountains. These small economies both exploded and were crushed because of this, as cheaper goods from farther distances came into their communities.

For the people living in these times, internal improvements altered their lives for better and for worse. This controversy continued for many presidencies, being debated and argued in congress. In our time, this issue seems to be relatively trivial compared to the impressive results it brought afterwords. There are many issues like it today: immigration, stem cell research, international affairs, terrorism... in the future, they might be seen the same. What issues might always be debated, and what issues are better only one way?

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